Endless Possibilities

Completed in 2002, Bus Home is located at a major bus transfer station in Ventura. The City of Ventura took a huge leap by asking artists to submit proposals for the design of an entire facility. Artist Dennis Oppenheim was selected to create the city's first artist to create a Transportation Center The primary public art component is a bus shelter constructed by shaped steel which depicts a bus transforming into a home. Oppenheim also designed the central shelter concrete platform, in which the site is laid out in the shape of a bus.

He wanted to enliven and celebrate the experience of public transportation. In his own words, "Bus Home deals with the metamorphosis of one image to another. In this three dimensional pictorial of a journey, the journey consists of a swirling loop and a spiral." He hopes this work will bring calm to especially young travelers by showing a flow and connection between where you came from and where you are going.

No two public art projects are alike. The creative process has to work in sync with the governmental process. A learning curve occurs as cities build their collections artwork by artwork. There are many ways I can help you make this path to public art something your community will be proud of. Whether your art opportunities are historic, cultural, educational, or you just need an ordinance drafted, I have the experience to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

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