Projecting How Your Project Will Look

Ed Carpenter's Springstar was installed in
Santa Fe Springs in 2004 near a major highway.

Sometime people involved in the selection of art have difficulty visualizing what the final outcome will be. I show images of many public art projects such as the ones featured on this website to help people discern what they want. This can shorten the time it takes to identify the kinds of artists that may be a match for your project, as well as save money in the search for the right artist. Once selected, potential artists are paid a fee to develop their concepts for review.

Usually artists create and develop beautiful scale models and drawings to help with the selection. Well prepared presentations, as well as showing examples of past works help committees visualize what the art will look. If necessary the decision makers can travel to the sites of past works to evaluate their sustainability. An art consultant will help you with research and create a link with the agency and artist.

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