Interaction With Public Agencies

City officials unveil Kerry Zarder's tile art columns at the
dedication of Reverence for an Era in Santa Fe Springs.

In the public sector selecting art entails the approval of many. These groups can include committees, commissions, and the City Council. A public art consultant helps you navigate the system. The consultant listens carefully to all comments about the proposed art to identify potential concerns before any voting takes place. In a typical selection process the art consultant will study the character of the community and find artists that are a good match with the city's culture. Once the concept is developed, it may be approved by up to three levels of government.

Artists do their share by developing beautiful models and drawings. Well-prepared presentations as well as research will let the agency know you are working in the best interest of the community. The art consultant creates a link with the agency, artist and the company. The outcome should be something that the community might describe with words such as:

A successful piece will produce a dialogue in the community.

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