Welcome to the World of Public Art

Artist James Russell installs his work
Synergy in Santa Fe Springs

Twenty years ago only a handful of cities in California required that monumental sculptures be placed at new developments. Over time, many cities became aware of the unsightly sprawl that was taking place in their communities. These agencies began to look for ways to make their communities more attractive and livable. As a result, many landscaping and aesthetic ordinances were adopted. One of these changes challenged developers to place monumental sculptures at new building sites.

How this art gets selected and installed can be confusing. My web site will help both cities and developers navigate the process with confidence. After completing my 70th project in Santa Fe Springs in 2008, I am now available to both the private and public sectors to start, operate and maintain public art programs.

A majority of artworks shown on this site are located in the City of Santa Fe Springs. Photographs marked with an asterisk (*) were created by other agencies without my involvement. They are just so successful I want to show them to you. The artist and location are identified on these images.

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